Intro Into Adobe Illustrator ​Digital Course

Intro Into Adobe Illustrator

LIVE - Feb 4th, 2021

3:00pm EST – 2 hours

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Meet Your Instructor

Mrs. Nicole Martinez

What You'll Learn



This course will teach you to use this industry-leading vector graphic application as a creative professional. The whole course content, including examples, techniques, exercises and quizzes have been carefully selected and refined to offer the most efficient and enjoyable way to master Adobe Illustrator.

This course Is made for Graphic Designers wanting to learn Adobe Illustrator or  bring their skills to the next level.

More about Adobe Illustrator:

Illustrator is the industry-standard vector graphics application that lets you create logos, icons, sketches, typography and complex illustrations for print, web, interactive, video and mobile devices.

Its time saving features allow users to create work quickly and efficiently at the highest professional standard.  



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This 2- hour course includes:



1 month access to reply