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WordPress Websites

Full Price

A strong, compelling web presence is no longer a nice-to-have add on…it is a requirement. Welcome your visitors to an illuminating and irresistible journey through your enterprise. 

What's Included?

10 Website Pages

This does not include your  ecommerce products

Includes 10 pages that allow us to encompass every aspect of your business and your brand, engaging every potential customer in an eclectic journey.

10 eCommerce Products ( More can be added )

If you have an eCommerce business, we will manually add 10 products for you. If you need to add more, we are able to show you how to add more before your site goes live, or you can have us do it for you at $100 for every 5 products. 

Mobile, Desktop & Tablet Friendly

We will make sure that your website not only looks great on a desktop, but mobile & tablet friendly too. 

Design includes?

Photoshopped Imagery ( Maximum of 10 ), typography, links, navigation, drop-down navigation, rollovers, calls to actions, tag lines, slides for home page, and charts/graphs.

Content Writing ( Add On )

If the gift of prose eludes, we have writing magicians ready to take your basic ideas and transform them into clever, readable copy that stands out.  Included: 300 words per page is included. Anything after 300 words would require an additional fee

404 error page

A 404 page is also known as an “error page” or “Page Not Found” page. This page indicates that the user reached the domain they requested, but the URL path provided no information.

Browser Testing

Internet Explorer 7, 8, 9, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome (IE6 support is additional and limited)

Designed Through WordPress

The Steps

Step One - Information Collection

Reserve Your Spot

Price – $500

Payment plan options available during checkout

During this milestone, we will collect information needed to start on your design.

You will receive an immediate email after your purchase to checklist to complete and work one-on-one with your designer to guide you through the checklist process.

Step Two - Design
Shopify – $1,350
WordPress – $1,250
Once we collect the information needed, you will select a theme and we will move forward with starting your design
Step Three - Completion
Shopify – $1,850
WordPress – $1,750
Lastly, we’ll run final tests to eliminate any glitches or errors, and once all is well, it’s time to launch your site!

Place Your Deposit

After you’ve placed your deposit you will receive an email to complete our website checklist. A checklist that will collect information needed before we can start on your design.